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Tuesday 07 November 2017

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Bell's Eccentric Café

Free and open to the public
17:00 - 21:00

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The Real Crisis with Flint's Water

Monique Wilhelm headhost

It Was Preventable and Can Happen to You!

By Monique Wilhelm, University of Michigan-Flint Laboratory Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer

Everyone has heard about the health effects that resulted from the change of the source of water for the city of Flint. The national media has chosen to focus on the health issues and on whom to blame. But do you really know what made Flint's water unsafe? Without going into the politics of the decision or trying to identify blame, the audience will participate in a hands on activity to learn more about what happened with the water from an elementary chemistry viewpoint. The presenter will also discuss some of the side effects this community is experiencing that aren't being addressed in the media from the viewpoint of someone living through this crisis.

Water quality test results

Funding provided through a generous grant by Zoetis logo

Current ACS members, poster presenters and Zoetis employees are eligible for two complimentary drink tickets.


5-7 pm Poster Setup, Registration, Reception
6:45 pm KACS Announcements
7 pm Keynote: The Real Crisis with Flint's Water
8-9 pm Poster Session, Network with Scientists and Speaker
8 pm Prize Announcement